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Once called "the pearl of life" in traditional medicine, the Grape has been a central ingredient in beauty rituals for thousand of years. Its benefits have been given rise to well-being treatments in beauty institues : Vinotherapy. Cultivated with love at the Domain de la Blaque, in Haute-Provence near Manosque, our white Grape is certified organic and has a French Designation of Origin Protected (AOP). Based on the vine and four active extracts, this range is specially designed for tired skins which are particularly exposed to pollution, stress and external harmful factors.

Grape Renewing Liquid Marseille Soap

Grape Renewing Liquid...

Price €11.25
Cooked in a cauldron in the traditional recipe, our liquid soap is based on vegetable oils. We guarantee thaht our liquid soap doesn't contain any artificial coloring, animal fat or synthetic surfactant.

This liquid soap gently cleanses hands and body thanks to the antioxidant and nourishing organic grape properties from Provence.
Vine Body cream  6.7 fl.oz / 200ml

Body cream GRAPE 6.7 fl.oz...

Price €12.42
Body milk with Renewing Grape extracts 6.7 fl.oz / 200ml.
Rich in Grape leaves, pulp and grape seeds, this light body cream helps to maintain moisture levels, tones and illuminates the skin.

96% of the total ingredients are from natural origin
Renewing Grape Hands Cream 2.6 fl.oz / 75ml

Renewing Grape Hands Cream...

Price €10.75
Hands cream with Organic grapes from Provence 2.6 fl.oz / 75 ml.
This hand cream combines the softness of a balm with the efficacy of a thorough care.
Sublime hands cream with white grape extract and Shea butter. Nourishes, protects and
softens the skin.
Hpw tp use : Applied as often as needed from fingertips to wrists, this nourishing care product is the absolute beauty routine for dry hands.
Renewing Grape Dry Oil Body and Hair 4.2 fl oz

Grape Dry Oil Body and Hair...

Price €18.33
Renewing Grape Dry Oil Body and Hair 4.2 fl oz

This multi-use and delicate foam dry oil is a key beauty care to enhance skin and hair!Rich in White Grape, grape seeds oil and sweet almond oil, it intenstly penetrates the skin without leaving behind an unpleasant greasy film.

95% of the total ingredients are from natural origin