L'Aglandau 500ml bottle

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L’AGLANDAU Fruité Vert, 100% Aglandau variety, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, France, 500ml bottle with pouring lip

GOLD Medal, Concours Général Agricole, Paris 2023

Harvest October 2022
Best before: 12/2024

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L’AGLANDAU Fruité Vert, 100% Aglandau variety, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, France, 500ml bottle with pouring lip


Made entirely from olives of the Aglandau variety, this oil has an intensely green fruity style and is classified as a “green fruity type”. Diverse vegetal flavours dominate: raw artichoke, freshly-cut grass, rocket, green peppercorns, and unripe banana. With its faintly bitter edge and fairly peppery kick, L’Aglandau is definitely not short on character. 


This olive oil is ideal with a roquette salad, on a fresh goat cheese or on a tomato toast. No need to add pepper! 


The Aglandau olive variety is the common factor in Provencal olive oils. Here it unveils its vibrant personality.  


Energy : 3700 kj / 900 kcal - Fat : 100g of with saturates : 17g - Carbohydrate : <0,5g of witch sugars : <0,5g - Proteins : <0,5g - Salt : 0,02g

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