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Garlic 250ml bottle

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Olive Oil and Garlic, 250ml bottle

This organic olive oil, pressed in the CastelaS mill, gives your favorite dishes a hint of garlic. The fresh " Drome provençale "garlic cloves are mixed with young olives to obtain an oil with an authentic taste of the south.

Harvest October 2022
Best before: 06/2025

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Olive Oil and Garlic, 250ml bottle

An olive oil obtained by simultaneously crushing olives and fresh Piolenc garlic. In Provence, garlic is part of every meal, it’s an essential ingredient. So we have bottled it for you.You will be surprised by the crispness and delicacy of the aromas. It conveys the precise flavours of fresh garlic.

For garlic-lovers, this garlic-flavoured olive oil can be used at all meals: on green salads, roast meats, and baked vegetables.


Energy : 3700 kj / 900 kcal - Fat : 100g of with saturates : 14g - Carbohydrate : <0,5g of witch sugars : <0,5g - Proteins : <0,5g - Salt : 0,01g 

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