L'Aglandau 250ml bottle

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L’AGLANDAU Fruité Vert, 100% Aglandau variety, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, France, 250ml bottle

GOLD Medal, Concours Général Agricole, Paris 2023

Harvest October 2022
Best before: 12/2024

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L’AGLANDAU Fruité Vert, 100% Aglandau variety, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, France, 250ml bottle


Made entirely from olives of the Aglandau variety, this oil has an intensely green fruity style and is classified as a “green fruity type”. Diverse vegetal flavours dominate: raw artichoke, freshly-cut grass, rocket, green peppercorns, and unripe banana. With its faintly bitter edge and fairly peppery kick, L’Aglandau is definitely not short on character. 


This olive oil is ideal with a roquette salad, on a fresh goat cheese or on a tomato toast. No need to add pepper! 


The Aglandau olive variety is the common factor in Provencal olive oils. Here it unveils its vibrant personality.  


Energy : 3700 kj / 900 kcal - Fat : 100g of with saturates : 17g - Carbohydrate : <0,5g of witch sugars : <0,5g - Proteins : <0,5g - Salt : 0,02g

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