Noir d'Olive AOP Provence 500ml Bottle

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Noir d'Olive (previously FRUITE NOIR) Virgin Olive Oil, AOP Provence, 500ml can    

Harvest October 2023
Best before: 12/2025

Silver Medal / PACA Competition - 2024

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Noir d'Olive (previously FRUITE NOIR) Virgin Olive Oil, AOP Provence, 500ml bottle with pouring lip


Particularly popular for its singular flavours and engaging aromatic complexity. Raw artichoke and black olive dominate Noir d’Olive AOP Provence, confirming its “fermented olive style” classification. Vanilla and floral secondary flavours elegantly temper its peppery edge. This olive oil’s balance and finesse suggest well-controlled ripening of the olives. 


NOIR D’OLIVE AOP Provence is an olive oil that goes perfectly with salads and tomatoes, and on mashed potato and slow-cooked confits. It brings the best out of ratatouille, mushrooms, risottos, and truffle recipes. Use it however you fancy. 


Olive trees of the Aglandau and Grossane varieties, planted in 2008 in the very dry and stony soil of the Plateau de la Crau, typical of the AOP Provence terroir. 


Energy : 3700 kj / 900 kcal - Fat : 100g of with saturates : 17g - Carbohydrate : <0,5g of witch sugars : <0,5g - Proteins : <0,5g - Salt : 0,02g

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